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Aid Station Support

As always, and by tradition, part of the Cascade Cream Puff experience is about the Aid Stations... yes, expect to be cheered, heckled, and above all, encouraged and supported with a variety of great food (uhm... bacon?) and drink options. You might even have your shoulders rubbed! Each aid station is supported by a regionally local business or non-profit. Some of our past (and current) sponsors include: Disciples of Dirt, Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards, Willamette Mountain Mercantile, Ding Ding Bicycles, Gracie's Wrench, Rolf Prima, Velofix, Bicycle Way, Lane County Amateur Radio Operators, Do Bar, and Lane County Search & Rescue. As always, we encourage everyone to go big and create a unique experience for our riders.

Each Aid Station will be equipped with a First Aid Kit and a variety of gels, chews, bars, electrolyte drinks, and water (of course), fruit, and other quick energy edibles and "picnic" items, you might not be expecting, but really glad to enjoy... Lane County Search & Rescue SVP will provide medics and emergency assistance, and mechanics will be available at all Aid Stations. Lane County Amateur Radio Operators will also be set up at every Aid Station, tracking race numbers and providing communications throughout the event.