2019 results


Q. Are there great places for my friends or family to see me while I'm racing?

A. Yes! Aid Stations are wonderful places to wait for and cheer on your favorite riders. Family members and friends will be able to catch a shuttle to Aid #2 or #3, and can pull up a chair, or see you cross the finish line at Aid #1. From Aid #2 (Windy Pass), your audience may wish to hike out to Tire Mountain Meadow and photograph your climb from the meadow. From Aid #3 (Kate's Cut-in), spectators can hike out to the new viewing bench at the edge of Sourgrass Meadow - this is also a favorite bacon pass-off spot! These are also backcountry habitat-sensitive areas, and can be significantly impacted when folks wander off trail. Please let your friends and family know we welcome their enjoyment on the course, but please bring appropriate food/water/first aid supplies and practice Leave No Trace principles. We also don't want any spectators getting hurt on the the course - take care to be aware of your surroundings; poison oak and stinging insects are a higher risk in late summer, and of course, we are asking spectators on trail please provide right-of-way to passing riders.


Q. Where can I find last-minute mechanical support?

A. Need any last minute adjustments on your trusty steed? Did you forget your helmet? Need extra tubes? Stop by the Willamette Mountain Mercantile, also known as the Oakridge Bike Shop. Staffed by experienced outdoor experts, trail guides, and bicycle mechanics, WMM is also a terrific resource for information about camping, trail conditions, and anything local outdoors. Prepare ahead of time and visit them online or call 541-782-1800.