Cascade Cream Puff will return to the Alpine Trail System in Westfir, Oregon on August 4, 2018. This year, the race will feature three options; the traditional 100-mile Cream Puff course, which includes Tire Mountain, the 50-mile Fritter (or one full lap of the Cream Puff course), and now; by request, introducing the NEW Donut Hole - a 25-mile cross-country extravaganza on Alpine "proper" - perfect for the entry XC or enduro rider. No matter what your flavor for MTB adventure racing might look like, register today and don't miss the chance to join us for the most epic wilderness mountain bike event on the West Coast!

Course Details

If you're a returning rider, you know what to expect - and this ain't your Gramma's Sunday roll! The Cascade Cream Puff was established in 1995 to introduce mountain bike enthusiasts to some of the most pristine (and toughest) singletrack wilderness trail systems in the Pacific Northwest on the Willamette Middle Fork Ranger District, in the National Forest. The race originally featured a different course each year, highlighting what is now known as the "Alpine Trail System", extending from the rural center of Westfir-Oakridge. The race is staged at the City of Westfir's Community Portal Park, across the Office Bridge (aka: Red Covered Bridge).

CCP 100 & Fritter 50 & Donut Hole 25

Riders will begin the the course with a neutral start from the west side Mill Site accessed from the Westfir Portal Park and staging area (Aid Station #1). Riders will funnel into the North Fork Trail entry as they come through the staging area, to 1910 (water station halfway up 1910) climbing over Windy Pass (Aid Station #2) up 1912 to Kate's Cut-in (Aid Station #3) and up North Alpine aka: Chrome Toilet, completing the loop back to Kate's on 1912 and down through Windy Pass again. From there, riders will enter the lower Alpine trail, veering right at the Tire Mountain intersection. Riders will climb over some spectacular scenery through the meadow and enjoy a smooth, flowy descent to Cloverpatch, (Water Station B just before next climb) climbing out to the gravel road inter section at FS5826 to FS130 (Aid Station #4). From here, riders will enter the new Cloverpatch-Tie trail extension, climbing to Buckhead Shelter, finishing the last decent down the Westfir-Tie trail to the Westfir Portal (also Aid Station #1). Each lap is approximately 50 miles.

Please see the course map for more information. Click to view in a new window or right click to download.

Please see this GPX file (right click to download) to view last years course.

This Strava link is about five miles short using Forest Service Road 1910 instead of 1912. We are planning to use 1912 again this year, but this link will give you an idea of what a course entails.

If you would like to view the course as a flyover 3D image: download Google Earth, and open up the attached .kmz file by clicking to view or right click to download. Click the image below for a Google Earth Flyover view.

NEW for 2018! The Donut Hole

Riders will begin the course with a neutral start at the Westfir Portal park (Aid Station #1), heading over the North Fork on the Office Bridge, and down the North Fork Rd. to the North Fork Trail, crossing over Road 1910, entering the North Fork Trail to Road 1912 (note: Water Station A is halfway up 1912). The course on the North Fork Trail may change depending on trail conditions and a planned re-route. Riders will continue climbing through the 1910/1912/1911 Windy Pass intersection (Aid Station #2) to Kate's Cut-in (Aid Station #3) turning left toward the climb to Sourgrass Meadow. Riders will then ride down trail through Windy Pass and Aid #2 again. From there, riders will enter the lower Alpine trail, heading straight down to Buckhead Shelter, finishing the last decent down the Westfir-Tie trail to the Westfir Portal (also Aid Station #1). This loop is approximately 25 miles.

Please see the course map for more information. Click to view in a new window or right click to download.

Please remember, the race course is subject to change without advance notice. Though we won't send you off track too far, things beyond our control do happen.


Here is the general race weekend in a nutshell. Once registered, you will receive more detailed information via email. Start times may be subject to change.

Cream Puff Schedule
All 100-mile Cream Puff participants should plan to arrive on Friday, August 3rd. Registration will begin at noon, and Oregon Adventures will host our CCP100 Rider's Meeting and Bag Drop at 5pm. The official CCP100 race start will be Saturday morning, at approximately 5:45am. OBRA licenses are required - $5 day licenses will be available for purchase during registration. Riders are 100% responsible for showing up to start on time. No exceptions will be made.

Fritter and Donut Hole Schedule
All 50-mile Fritter and 25-mile Donut Hole participants have the option to check in Friday afternoon 12-4PM at General Registration, or Saturday morning between 6-8:30AM. Rider's Meetings will be held before starting times for each race (see Race Day schedule below). OBRA licenses are required - $5 day licenses will be available for purchase during registration. Riders are 100% responsible for showing up to start on time. No exceptions will be made.

General Registration & 100-mile Mandatory Riders Meeting, Friday, August 3rd, 2018
12-4PM - General Registration at Willamette Mountain Mercantile for Cream Puff 100, Fritter 50 participants and volunteers
5PM - Mandatory Cream Puff 100 Rider Meeting at Tired Dog Ranch, 47061 La Duke Road, Westfir, OR, 97492
5:45PM - Lead Volunteer Meeting at Tired Dog Ranch
Please note: ALL Cream Puff 100 riders must be registered on Friday before 7PM.

Race Day, Saturday, August 4th, 2018
4:30AM - Breakfast at the Westfir Portal sponsored by Cafeto Coffee!
5:15-5:45AM - Cream Puff 100 Start (depending on sunrise)
6-8:30AM - Fritter 50, Donut Hole 25 & Volunteer Registration at the Westfir Portal / Aid Station #1
8:35AM - Fritter 50 Mandatory Riders Meeting at the Westfir Portal
9:00AM - Fritter 50 Start
9:15AM - Donut Hole 25 Mandatory Riders Meeting at the Westfir Portal
9:45AM - Donut Hole 25 Start
12-9PM - Westfir Portal "expo" area and food and drink are open for business!
4PM - Donut Hole 25 Awards at the Westfir Portal
6PM - Fritter 50 Awards will begin at the Westfir Portal
8:30PM - Cream Puff Awards & Rider/Volunteer Raffle at the Westfir Portal

Using our online registration is super easy and quick! Payment is accepted through PayPal, and if you don’t have an account, you can pay as a guest using a major credit card. Registration is limited, so make the commitment to get fit, and sign up today!

Aid Station Support

As always, and by tradition, part of the Cascade Cream Puff experience is about the Aid Stations... yes, expect to be cheered, heckled, and above all, encouraged and supported with a variety of great food (uhm... bacon?) and drink options. You might even have your shoulders rubbed! Each aid station is supported by a regionally local business or non-profit - The Disciples of Dirt, Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards, Willamette Mountain Mercantile, Ding Ding Bicycles, Gracie's Wrench, Rolf Prima, Bicycle Way Lane County Amateur Radio Operators, and Lane County Search & Rescue. As always, we encourage everyone to go big and create a unique experience for our riders.

Each Aid Station will be equipped with a First Aid Kit and a variety of gels, chews, bars, electrolyte drink, water (of course), fruit, and other quick energy edibles. Lane County Search & Rescue SVP will be providing medics and emergency assistance, and mechanics will be available at Aid Stations #1, #2 and #3. Lane County Amateur Radio Operators will be set up at every Aid Station tracking race numbers and providing communications throughout the event.

Lodging and Resources

Based on fire level danger, we are not allowed to host camping at the staging area. You must camp in designated areas only. This is critical for our permit and the continuation of the event. The forest is extremely dry this time of year and we've had to go to extra precautions to provide amenities for our riders and volunteers. To that end, CCP has reserved the camping area at Tired Dog Ranch. For $15 a night, you will have the luxury of using a full covered kitchen and private outdoor showers at no extra charge. Please reserve your space now by downloading this PDF form (right click to download) and mailing in your payment to address shown, or contact Tired Dog Ranch directly at 541-790-1679. For those who would like to sleep on a soft bed with all the creature comforts of home, you can reserve one of the many cabins or yurt on the property for a 15% discount off summer prices with a mention of Cascade Cream Puff.

For alternative camping options, please check with Willamette National Forest for Middle Fork District campgrounds.

If camping isn't your gig, and you have not already booked a hotel room for the event, we encourage you to do so - a good night's rest and a shower really can make a difference. Please check out some of the fantastic camping and lodging facilities in the area. Our local lodging partners, Westfir Lodge, Oakridge Lodge & Guest House, Oakridge Motel and the Double Diamond Lodge for special discounts available for CCP participants.

Need any last minute adjustments on your trusty steed? Did you forget your helmet? Need extra tubes? Stop by the Willamette Mountain Mercantile, also known as the Oakridge Bike Shop. Staffed by experienced outdoor experts, trail guides, and bicycle mechanics, WMM is also a terrific resource for information about camping, trail conditions, and anything local outdoors. Prepare ahead of time and visit them online or call 541-782-1800.

Strava Cascade Cream Puff Cycling Club (Westfir, OR)

We are continuing to update our site as we confirm more information, but be assured, Cascade Cream Puff will be better than ever this year, and we hope to keep you –our friends, fans and riders– motivated and encouraged to get on your bikes and ride! Please consider joining our Strava-based Cascade Cream Puff Cycling Club, get connected to other “Puffers” for training rides, and challenge yourself (and others) to keep riding! We’ll be posting more information about group rides, special prize competitions as the club grows.

Support our Trails!

The Cascade Cream Puff is very excited to announce the newly-established non-profit, Alpine Trail Crew Association! Our mission is to preserve and protect the Alpine Trail system, and trails throughout the Willamette National Forest, for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, while also educating future trail stewards on sustainable trail building and maintenance techniques. We will do this by growing partnerships to collectively build and maintain the trails of the Middle Fork Willamette District and foster actions that improve outdoor recreation for benefit of the environment and surrounding communities. We hope you will join us! Please join us on Facebook and Instagram @alpinetrailcrew, message us with your ideas for improving trails and reaching out to new audiences, post your favorite Alpine Trail photos with #alpinelove, and consider donating to the cause and/or joining us for one of our many upcoming build days! This is your forest! Celebrate by helping us sustain trails in the Middle Fork Willamette National Forest!


Please visit one of our other chapters below to find out how you can get involved in year-round stewardship opportunities, improving trail access, and getting more youth on bikes, and on trails! Click below for more details.


Lane County Special Vehicles Group of the Lane County Search and Rescue Team - Contact Christopher Fudge at cfudge AT marisths DOT org - For more info click on the logo below to checkout their website.

The Cascade Cream Puff, LLC operates under a special use permit with Willamette National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

Julia Fudge Memorial Ride
Sunday, May 20th / 10AM-5PM
Westfir Portal Red Covered Bridge

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and view complete event details!

And click on the pink ladybug below to checkout the Weebly site for Julia.

Please join the Fudge Family, Alpine Trail Crew Association, Mudslinger Events and Disciples of Dirt in celebrating Julia’s legacy by bringing the entire bicycle community together!

This is a self-supported bicycle ride with a catered lunch provided after the "ride" - potluck dishes are encouraged and welcomed as an optional contribution – more importantly, if you knew Julia, you knew how much she loved to “share the love” – your presence is the most valuable offering you can bring to this event.

So come out and ride, and keep the legacy alive by sharing your passion and enthusiasm for bicycling with others!