Cascade Cream Puff plans announced! New Alpine Epic, Bigfoot Enduro and plans to build the new Tire Mountain Bridge this spring!

Take it from Utah... CCP is the best MTB endurance race on the West Coast!

Ben and John Hernandez traveled to Oakridge, Oregon from Logan, Utah to participate in the Cascade Cream Puff 100 (John in the Fritter 50) last year, August 4, 2018. In John's words; "...amazing mountain bike race started in 1995 with some of the best single track on the planet. The CCP100 racers will do two laps of the Fritter 50 course and get about 18,000 of climbing, tough. This is a well organized and incredible event. Thanks to <all the CCP volunteers and staff> for organizing and putting on such an amazing race. We had a blast!" 

To catch a glimpse of John's experience first-hand, see his video here: