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Cascade Cream Puff

What's next for the "Puff"?

In 2019, the Alpine Epic officially joined the Oregon XC Series and the historical Cascade Cream Puff - a 100 mile MTB endurance race that has happened on the Alpine Trail System for 27 years in Westfir, Oregon was tabled as the Forest Service began assessing expanding recreation options into the Waldo Lake area.

Determined to bring CCP back as a true singletrack backcounty event, race investors looked to partner with trails groups addressing the need for new connections from the Waldo Lake basin to Fuji Mountain, Bunchgrass, and the Eugent to Crest interface.

Unfortunately, between Covid and unprecedented climate impacts, CCP has now been on hiatus since 2019.

Flooding, heavy snow, and wildfires have irreperably damaged many trails in the area. This means that newer shovel-ready connections, such as the Oregon Timber Trail's "Fugrass" project, are on hold until mitigation on priority trails can be completed. Currently, Cascade Volunteers and Oakridge Trails Alliance (OTA) are working with USFS to rehabilitate fire-damaged trails, starting with the sections closest to town. In summer 2023, OTA coalition member, TransCascadia, will be reviving Heckletooth trail, while other OTA members focus on mitigating unexpected damage from record breaking precipitation events from 2022 on the Alpine Network. In the meantime, Bunchgrass trail - one of the main segments connecting Oakridge to the Waldo Lake basin, remains closed after the 2022 Cedar Creek Fire. 

For more information on trail closures in the Willamette National Forest, please click here.

The bottom line is, while we've held on to every intention to bring back a 100-hundred mile singletrack race celebrating our incredibly beautiful Cascadia west gateway, we've facing major challenges that we'll need to address before the Cream Puff makes a comeback.

Want to help make a difference? Please consider registering to race Alpine Epic (it's a fundraiser), donating to OTA or join one of our upcoming trailwork parties - please visit our Facebook page to learn about when and where these efforts will be taking place. 

In the meantime, Cascade Cream Puff will continue to live on as part of the amazing history of the mountain bike community in the Willamette National Forest ~ stay tuned!